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There has been no shortage of news articles over the years of Billy Burke, whether from his toothpick carnivals, his prison stay (and escape) or both. Below you will see some snapshots of articles that we have saved over the years and some that we have searched for and found in various news archives. If you click on an article you can see a larger view of that article in a separate window.

Note that in most cases you won't be able to see all of the text for an article but in some cases where we have been able to acquire the entire text it will be more visible in the separately created window when you click on the image.

Billy Checks Roller Coaster

Billy inspecting his roller coaster.

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Billy exhibits Patience and Care

Billy exhibits patience and care while building his carnivals.

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n Stable Life with Toothpicks

A stable life is built out of toothpicks.

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A monument in toothpicks. There is no news article image for this one but click on the icon and read the story of a journalist who witnessed the magic first hand.

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