Folsom Prison

Folsom Prison

This photo shows one of the gates to the prison

This is where it all started. Billy was sent here in 1928 and later started his toothpick creations in this facility. Many of the items shown in the Folsom Museum are things that Billy made while living here.

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Folsom Prison Museum

Museum; picture taken in 2006

This is a picture of the front of the museum. It is right across the parking lot from the east gate of the prison. The museum is a nice, small museum that is filled with artifacts collected during the many years of the prison’s operation. There are many items in the museum that chronicle the life and work of Billy Burke, not only during his stay there but also during his many years after Folsom.

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Postcard Ferris Wheel

Postcard of a toothpick Ferris Wheel crafted by Burke

This is a postcard offered by the museum for sale to visitors. It shows the toothpick Ferris Wheel that is currently on display at the Folsom prison museum in Folsom, CA.

Ferris Wheel Rider

Ferris wheel rider detail

This picture of the Ferris wheel in the museum shows the intricate detail that goes into Billy’s work when building his carnivals. Each figure is carved and painted by hand with every detail in mind, down to the expressions on the faces. Above is a lady rider on the Ferris wheel.

Ferris Wheel Sailors

Sailors stand near the Ferris wheel ticket booth

This picture shows various carnival-goers standing near the ticket booth for the Ferris wheel, including a couple of sailors.

Ferris Wheel Watchers

Ride enthusiasts watch the Ferris wheel go around

The above picture shows figures standing around watching the Ferris wheel. As always, the carnivals are designed to look very realistic

Ferris Wheel Support

A nice view of the support structure of the Ferris wheel.

The above picture shows a nice look at the supporting structure of the Ferris wheel. A very solid design is needed to support this eight foot high ride. There are those sailors in the background again!

Billy by Ferris Wheel

An older Billy stands by the Ferris wheel

Shown here is an older Billy Burke standing next to the Ferris wheel that would later be donated to the museum. He was 84 years old here.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune!

This view of the Ferris wheel shows what an architectural wonder this thing really is. Amazingly, all the supporting structure, like the ride itself, is made from toothpicks and glue.

Picture Frame

Newspaper pictures framed in museum

Shown here are pictures and newspaper pictures obtained by the museum about the life of Billy Burke. You'll notice in the bottom left corner there is even a mug shot of Burke.

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