Roller Coasters

Race Through The Clouds

Race Through the clouds

This roller coaster was built in a storage unit where Burke lived and worked as a manager in the 1980’s. This coaster was about 5 feet high and 8 to 10 feet long. It’s unknown where this roller coaster ended up.

Race Through The Clouds

Race Through the clouds - another view

This view of "Race Through the Clouds" features the entrance to the ride and the sign in front.

A Double Dare

A Double Dog Dare!

This coaster was started in the late 1950’s and the picture here was taken in 1960. Not yet completed at the time, it features a double thrill with two parallel tracks going down. Standing behind the 5-foot high coaster is Burke, his wife Irene (pregnant with son John at the time), Irene’s mother Madeline, brother Dave (holding the Burke’s 2 year-old son Billy).

A Double Dare

Another view of A Double Dog Dare!

Here is another view of the coaster above. This view features such details as flags at the top and fancy light fixtures strategically placed.

Mini Roller Coaster

Mini Roller Coaster in San Francisco

This picture shows a roller coaster in a mini-carnival that is currently displayed at the Musee Mecanique museum on San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. This was a much smaller scale carnival but still had all the moving parts of the larger carnivals.

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