Attractions Videos - Playland

This is "The Burke Trio" in the Playland carnival. This attraction comes complete with an audience, which you can see if you visit the Attractions page and scroll down a bit. It seems Billy didn’t miss a beat with this attraction.

Here you see the energetic dancing girls of Playland. They can also be seen on the Attractions page. Notice the attention to detail that has been paid when creating every curve on these ladies.

The organ grinder and his monkey are also on display in this carnival. To the right you can see part of the wishing well. Still shots of both of these attractions can be seen on the Attractions page.

For the muscular guests in the crowd the Power Hammer is provided. Step right up and see what you can do! Maybe you can win a prize for the lady.

And for the hunters and hunter wannabe’s in the crowd this is the Shooting Gallery. Try your skill (or lack thereof) with the ducks as they make their way across. Still shots of this attraction can be seen on the Attractions page. Judging from the way the flag is blowing it must be a breezy day in Playland.

Even the romantic couples have a special place they can go in Playland. This is the Tunnel of Love, complete with water. If you hurry you can plant a nice long smooch on your sweetie before you finish the ride.

And if you think your weight is hard to guess, you may want to step up and give the Weight Scale a try. If your weight is not guessed within three pounds you win a prize.

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